Nathan hale - Revolutionary war patriot

Why was Nathan Hale celebrated as a war hero? Surely there have been many, but my screenplay 

will give you a glimpse into the romance of an American youth caught in the turbulence of his times. 


Nathan Hale went to Yale University with his older brother, (Enoch, my great, great, great, great grandfather) when he was 14 years old and much has been written about his life - 

but I found a book and many accounts about the girl he loved....which makes it a much more                .                                                compelling story for the big screen.


                          I also composed a theme song for the movie called, "Your Kiss".















                      I was inspired to write Nathan's story after watching Green Day's video

"Wake Me Up When September Ends"....which made me imagine how Nathan might have felt, when he went to war to risk his life for the country he loved, so we could have freedom.




Hey, cousin Ben (Affleck) and cousin Matt (Damon)....could you help me get this movie made?!

Nathan Hale (1755 -1776) was born in Coventry, Connecticut into a deeply religious family.

His belief that God was his only sovereign and refusal to bow to the tyranny of the English Crown, cost him his life, for the country he loved.


Many accounts have been written about Nathan, but I wrote a screenplay that tells his story through the eyes of the girl who loved and lost him.

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